Reporting & Data Management

CAPABILITIES Reporting and Data Management Gain clarity through real-time reporting. HORNE Federal has supported billions of federal funds’ data collection and eligibility services. We designed our process to provide thorough, efficient and consistent eligibility...


Our approach balances government-industry knowledge with stringent accounting standards so you can have peace of mind about using government funding efficiently and adequately.

Construction Management

COVID-19 presents new operations, funding and compliance challenges for local governments, state agencies and healthcare. With a history of service in crisis situations, HORNE has developed methods to speed up recovery processes and deliver results quickly.

Program Management

HORNE builds its programs with successful outcomes in mind and then develops the plans, systems and workflow processes to match the program’s unique requirements. We collaborate to establish procedures using best practices from similar programs.

Disaster Recovery

We have earned respect from federal, state and local leaders as successful managers of disaster recovery funding and for our total dedication to putting in place the processes and structures for sustained community improvement. When recovery is done well, communities return stronger and more resilient.


CAPABILITIES Environmental Creating a sustainable tomorrow today. Our environmental professionals work closely with regulatory agencies to develop processes and programmatic agreements to facilitate the environmental review process. With clear guidelines and...

Geographic Information System

If you need to know where something happened, where it’s likely to happen or why it happened in a certain place, a Geographic Information System provides that information. By visualizing and analyzing data through maps, GIS allows you to see patterns and relationships that spreadsheets simply can’t show. GIS turns numbers into visuals, allowing you to dig deeper and discover greater value in your data.

Technology Solutions

For over 15 years HORNE has been delivering applications that create stable process management while driving innovation for federally funded programs across the United States and beyond. HORNE’s team of solution engineers solve complex problems across all facets of delivery. Infrastructure, development, quality assurance, and data are only the tip of the spear when we launch teams for program delivery that need to integrate with existing solutions or re-engineer processes