Geographic Information System

Complex data – simplified.

If you need to know where something happened, where it’s likely to happen, or why it happened in a particular place, a Geographic Information System (GIS) provides that information. By visualizing and analyzing data through maps, GIS allows you to see patterns and relationships that spreadsheets can’t show. GIS turns numbers into visuals, allowing you to dig deeper and discover greater value in your data. 

esri Special Achievement in GIS Award badge

HORNE Federal’s GIS team received Esri’s prestigious “Special Achievement in GIS” award in 2021.

Esri is the global leader in location intelligence and gives these awards to recognize companies and organizations that demonstrate groundbreaking possibilities of GIS software. We received this award for the innovative use of mapping and analytics technology. 

Solve problems with spatial data.

We can map data if there are location components such as geographic coordinates, address, zip code, county, etc. GIS brings in data from multiple sources — census demographics, political jurisdictions, flood zones, and business information — to give you one complete picture. This data lets you get the information you need to speed up processes, make quicker decisions and keep your organization moving forward. 

Screenshot of the California Rent Relief GIS Program

Streamline and expedite your projects with GIS.

With our mobile app technology, GIS allows people in the field to provide live updates, giving your team real-time information to move the project forward faster and more efficiently. GIS is a tool any business can use. Whether it’s disaster recovery maps showing the location of applicants or healthcare dashboards offering geographic expansion opportunities, GIS provides a new level of visibility, collaboration, and education for your team. 

HORNE Federal applies the latest technology to data collection and management, integrating field activities, geo-analytics, and web-based visualizations for an efficient and collaborative solution. GIS gives you the tools for fast, accurate, and accessible data to solve your biggest challenges. 

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