Reporting and Data Management

Gain clarity through real-time reporting.

HORNE Federal has supported billions of federal funds’ data collection and eligibility services. We designed our process to provide thorough, efficient and consistent eligibility determinators. We maintain end-to-end compliance, including working closely with applicants for clarification and supporting documentation. 


Whether you are trying to drive day-to-day program deliverables or you want to launch a transparency portal, HORNE Federal’s data visualization and reporting team can create custom and ad-hoc reports, so you are in control of every step of the program. 

We can assist with drafting data and document retention policies and creating the necessary infrastructure for secure data storage.


Your data is the most critical component of your program and should be protected at all times, at rest, and in transit. HORNE Federal uses best practices for continually scanning systems and performs user audits to guarantee policies and procedures are followed throughout your program. 

Our IT auditors and program managers confirm that all security measures are applied to each launch and upheld through program closeout. 

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