Technology Solutions

Driving innovation for federally-funded programs.

For over 17 years, HORNE Federal has been delivering applications that create stable process management while driving innovation for federally-funded programs across the United States and beyond.  

HORNE Federal’s team of solution engineers solves complex problems across all facets of delivery. Infrastructure, development, quality assurance and data are only the tip of the spear when we launch teams for program delivery that must integrate with existing solutions or re-engineer processes. 

Grant Management

Our grant management system, CANOPYTM takes the guesswork out of how agencies manage federally funded programs in a safe, compliant way so you can focus on serving your constituents and bringing your state’s economy back to full strength. With built-in work guidance and standard processes, CANOPYTM enables consistent delivery, oversight and reporting outcomes.

CANOPYTM is a proprietary solution developed by HORNE Federal to respond to federal and state programs to track and monitor funding streams. Using a highly customizable platform, HORNE Federal can quickly launch a baseline system and adapt as program needs change.

Data Protection

Your data is the most critical component of your program and should be protected at all times, at rest and in transit. HORNE Federal uses best practices for continually scanning systems and performs user audits to confirm policies and procedures are followed throughout your program. 

Our team of IT auditors and program managers apply all security measures to each launch and uphold them through program closeout. Our technology environments are FedRAMP and SOC 2 compliant, guaranteeing secure platform launches for managing personally identifiable information and critical software solutions. 

Secure. Protect. Defend.

Integration & Partnership

HORNE Federal has integrated and partnered with numerous vendors and subsidiaries over the last 17 years. We find ways to create opportunities through systems integration that streamline programs for all stakeholders. Our custom solutions are available to interact with ancillary and supplemental systems, and our security posture allows us to adapt to our partners’ current and future needs quickly. 

Data Visualization & Reporting

Whether you are trying to drive day-to-day program deliverables or you want to launch a transparency portal, HORNE Federal’s data visualization and reporting team can create custom and ad-hoc reports to make sure you are in control of every step of the program. 

We can adhere to or help you draft data and document retention policies while creating the infrastructure for you and your team to park your data for as long as you need. 

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